Jun 2 2010

One of the coolest geek things I've seen in a while

May 24 2010

BMX Jousting showed I am out of shape!

Nov 27 2009

Symphony of Science

"Matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you. Some people find that thought disturbing… I find the reality thrilling."


Oct 11 2009

One for Tim

This was really cool.  Golden Age of video – many staple images and audio clips from TV and Movies that have become part of western culture all overlayed a catchy beat – they even made the clips rhyme!

Oct 4 2009

Love those kids

We got in last night at 12:30am (so… that would be this morning, then, right?).  The trip out was fantastic.  The boys were great in the car.

On the way home, however, Cameron just had enough and wanted his bed.  I don't blame him – I felt the same way, but I didn't cry (I just whined a lot and drove on the sleepy bars).

I felt bad for the guy, but there wasn't anything we could do.  Stopping the car just gave him a little reprieve,  but he still had to get back in to finish the journey.  We made it home and he simply whimpered quietly as I brought him straight in from the car to his bed.  I felt horrible for keeping him up so late – but it really is worth it.

The girls are simply amazing.  I love watching them interact – they are very well behaved and articulate!  I don't get to see many kids like them.  I hope Michelle and I do half a good a job as Gary and Jodi.

I tried to get Jodi to perform her 'Running Man' – but alas, she didn't want international fame.  She had this crazy idea I'd upload it to youtube.  I have no clue what gave her that idea.  Innocent



Sep 27 2009

NO! I will NOT take off my shoes!

Cameron is getting to the age that he has figured out he can make decisions about what he wants to do – not just figuring out that he CAN do something.



The other day we came home and I told him to take off his shoes and we will sit for dinner.  Michelle was at work, so it was just the three of us home.  Cam decided to go off and play instead of taking off his shoes – I told him to take off his shoes before he headed into the living room – as soon as he crossed over into the dining room with his shoes off – I told him 'That's it – you are sitting in the chair until you take off your shoes'.  That was the start of his hour and a half stubborn screaming session.

As soon as it started – I knew it would no longer be a quiet night – I also knew that I had to stick to my guns.  The thing is – it is such a dumb thing to get angry over – but not to a two year old.  That is the only form of independence he has in his mind.

Nate and I tried to sit and have our dinner while Cameron sat on the kitchen chair stubbornly not taking off his shoes.  After a while, Cameron realized that he wasn't getting dinner and we were – which started a fresh bout of screaming.  I felt bad for the kid – all he had to do was take off his shoes.  Something he has been able to do for probably a year now.  It was at that point I started questioning my parenting skills.  What the heck am I being so stubborn about?  It's just shoes, after all!  Here is this poor kid – hungry and obviously tired, and here I am – not letting him eat his dinner.  That's when I got a recharged sense of stubbornness.  I will not give in to have him do the same thing two years from now over cleaning his room.  I will not let him win when I tell him to clean his room and he cries or says no.

I've seen it all too often from other kids – they get what they want if they just keep at it.  "Mom, can I have the candy?" 'No.' "Mom, can I have the candy?" 'No.' "Mom, can I have the candy?" 'No.' "Mom, can I have the candy?" 'No.' "Mom, can I have the candy?" 'FINE!!' …. and off they go.  Happily getting their own way – becoming more of a brat every time.

So – there we were – Cameron crying in his chair, me telling him patiently and as calmly as I could that he could get down and have dinner if he just took off his shoes – and Nathan just sitting there trying to figure out what was going on.  Eventually Cameron gave in partially and took off one shoe.  After I congratulated him for taking off his shoe – he promptly jumped down from the chair.  I stood up – and calmly picked him up to place back in the chair – I didn't want to scold him or show any aggression or in any way discourage him – but, he still needed to take off his other shoe. Once he realized that I wouldn't let him down for just one shoe – he started screaming again and I didn't want to even raise my voice to tell him he just had to take the other shoe off.  After a moment he settled and I tried to encourage him for taking one shoe off, but point out he still needed to take off the other – the stubborn bum said 'No'.  So, his stubborn father said 'then no dinner until you do'.

Things didn't calm down until he fell asleep.  The peace lasted for about 15 minutes – Nathan just finished his bottle and was dozing quietly, Cameron had cried himself to sleep – and I was enjoying the quiet.

Once Cam woke up, he was calmer and more compliant.  He reached down and only whimpered a bit to take off his remaining shoe.  I said he could get down – and he did.  I then picked him up and gave him a hug to let him know I wasn't mad, then set him down in his highchair with his dinner.

I hope I am doing the right thing, but will only know for sure in a few years if the boys are well behaved or not.  They may need therapy – but they will be paying for it if they do ;)

Sep 3 2009

Company BBQ

Shortly before Nathan went in to the hospital (Aug 3rd) to have his ileostomy reversed, Kelvin had a BBQ at his place for the staff.

We were invited to swim in the pool, but I didn't want to blind anyone with my pasty ass.  Cameron, however, having not yet developed a sense of humility, dove right in!  Michelle, having a healthy sense of parental responsibility, joined him.  I took my usual position of cameraman and enjoyed the dryness of the sidelines.

After the swim (or controlled near-drowning) Cameron tried his hand at soccer.  

I was hoping to post the video we made before now, but I got sidetracked and then life happens. 



Sep 3 2009

Picnic at the Lake

As a surprise, Michelle packed up our dinner and we headed down to the Lake for a picnic.

I think this was the first time that Cameron saw a seagull up close – he seemed to be amazed with the birds.

I still get a kick out of how he interacts with other kids.  The older kids always seem to be doing neat things that he wants to try.  There was a kid playing on a playground toy that Cameron wanted to play with.  It seemed as though Cam misdirected the other child's attention to another toy so Cameron could play with the one the other kid was playing with.




Sep 2 2009

Nate passed out on the floor

Aug 23 2009

Nathanial – ileostomy reversal in Sick Kids

Nathan went back into the hospital to have his ileostomy reversed.  The first week he had it pretty rough  Got an infection and was pumped full of drugs to fight the infection.  By the end of the first week, he started perking up and was a lot easier to smile.