Feb 2 2014

Old pride

Its kind of nice to sit in the lobby of a restaurant and look up at the tv and be able to tell my kids, “I wrote that”.

We decided to treat the kids and take them to a fast food place for breakfast.  We ended up heading to a nearby town that we rarely go to and having breakfast.  It was there that an ad system I wrote a few years ago for another company was running.
Really cool blast from the past.  There isnt much out there that I’ve programmed that is still running.  Didn’t expect that one to be either.

Oct 28 2013

Watch “May I may I may I may I may I….” on YouTube

Oct 26 2013

Another scratch found


Clearing walls for painting I found another scratch made by old friends.

I love this house!

May 21 2013

Dead fridge

Our fridge cooked itself yesterday.
An internal fan or other component has self destructed and has spiced everything inside with a nice burnt rubber.
When Nate smelled it he said it smells like candles. Kinda cool observation. I’m inclined to find the damage and fix it but it is under warranty and we are on their schedule to get it fixed.
Oh well. That’s life.

Feb 26 2013

Having kids around is never finding things where they should be.

Since having young kids around I’ve begun to notice I don’t question my surroundings much anymore.

The toilet paper roll holder just disappeared about a week ago. I never even questioned its whereabouts. I’ve learned that doing so often leads to blinding white pain in my temples so I’ve become a little less inquisitive in such matters.
I’ve begun to live like I imagine one would with a ghost.  What? The vacuum hose is missing? Okay- I’ll do the carpet later. A day later-  after I trip over it getting the dog food-  oh hey! It’s back! I guess I’ll clean the carpet now.
I think I’ll get worried when the dog disappears, I kinda like her. Oh… and the toilet paper spring holder? It appeared in the box of Q-Tips.

Feb 23 2013

Zombies… parental love… cool clip

Feb 17 2013

I’m a nut – Jimmy Slonina

Feb 11 2013


Feb 9 2013

Found the car keys.

Jan 25 2013

Watch “Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments”