Dec 17 2012

Mario is not a hero

Dec 5 2012

Kid Pushes Limits, Reports Back On Facebook

Nov 24 2012

Ahhh… first snowfall… Nate tries to catch flakes


…or he’s just sticking his tongue at me.

Nov 12 2012

Its crazy arm waving guy!

Oct 30 2012

Don’t go into the pool.. er.. backyard

Oct 26 2012

old school

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Oct 14 2012

No respect for Apple.

Letting the kids kill an Apple. Future technicians?


Oct 6 2012

Raising a bookworm.


Nate is off playing. I went looking for Can and he is quietly reading in the living room.

Sep 16 2012



Yes, that is a Hot Rod pepperette stick and gummie bears in their cereal. They won’t know we treat them like guinea pigs for a few more years. I’m going to have fun for a while yet.

Sep 15 2012

Mouse 0, Us 1


First thing out of Michelle was “Ah come on! They don’t smell that bad!”